By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

This prayer comes from the new “Book of Common Worship” published in 2018 by the Presbyterian Church (USA). It is to be used in evening prayer, every night with silence preceding it. There is so much spiritual power in the evening light, and the way that shadows draw us all in, into ourselves, into our homes, inward toward sleep.

And, there is something beautiful about praying as we await the dawn: it feels as if that phrase “watch and wait for the dawning of your new creation” holds something as simple as tomorrow’s sunrise, and something as complex and deeply hoped for (and promised) as the future in which tears are wiped away, and joyful reunion in the city of God is lived out in eternal ways. As the evening shadows fall, may you be wrapped in hope and the deep presence of our dawning God.

Let us pray:

Lord, be our light when shadows are falling.
Lord, be our light when trouble is near.
Lord, be our light as we watch and wait
For the dawning of your new creation;
Through Jesus Christ, Amen.
—Book of Common Worship, 2018