By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

I love prayers like this that name who God is for us: great, creator, giver, source of life. We all have our favorite ways of describing who God is, and it seems apt to start praying right where we are, able to confidently name how we experience God in the world. I also love the tension in this prayer between God who “tosses the stars” (I love that turn of phrase) and God who draws near: the sense of God beyond and God within always puts me in that tender place of divine awe and adoration. May God meet you as you pray.

Let us pray:

Blessed are you
Great and gracious God
Creator of life
Giver of all life
Source of love

You guide the sun
And cradle the moon
And toss the stars
Yet sit among us here.

Blessed are you, great and gracious God
Who blesses us.
—Lillian Perigoe, United Church of Canada

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