By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

This blessing was written in Marshallese, the Micronesian language spoken in the Marshall Islands in the central Pacific Ocean.

I love that opening phrase, “Run with the name of the Christ!” It must be a blessing for runners. The translator says that the phrase “so move forward!” comes from the Marshallese phrases “Jouru jure jur u jur” which has syncopation and alliteration to it that would be spoken with a crescendo, increasing with energy. I love the idea that a prayer might carry you along on your run, adding rhythm to the pounding of your feet on the sidewalk, urging you along, moving you forward, crescendoing toward an even more urgent pace.

The person who translated the prayer into English also notes that the phrase “share the new life that is within you” has the sense of “let that new life explode within you.” The word “share” which might be quite pedestrian in English, has the sense of an extravagant energetic giving in Marshallese.

May we pray for such extravagant energetic generosity today.

Let us pray:

Run with the name of the Christ!
Make God’s will happen.
Look! The dawn comes yet in this difficult life,
So move forward!
Christ ignites, enlivens, and raises us up.
Beloved of God, you empower us and lift each other up!
Love and trust each other and share the new life that is within you. Amen.
—Prayer from the Marshall Islands

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