By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

I was struck by the phrase “forgive us, now, at this unjust meal.” It hurts my heart, knowing that the point remains true: not all have access to bread, not all have access to the basic needs of food, water, shelter and safety for their children, their grandparents, their loved ones, their villages. Even now, the needs of the world are growing as the coronavirus shifts the global economic landscape. How might praying this prayer at our own dinner tables, saying the heartbreaking phrase “forgive us, now, at this unjust meal,” to help us to shift our hearts towards renewed and expanding generosity, service, and compassion?

Let us pray:

Table Blessing
Lord we give you thanks
Because around this table
Our strength revives
In the struggle against poverty.
Make of our gluttony,
Our thirst for abundance
A new feeling
Of justice and of hope.
Lord, may our meals
On an earth divided
One day be shared
In an earth reunited.
Forgive us, now,
At this unjust meal,
Until the whole earth
Is nourished by your bread
—Jaci C. Maraschin, Brazil, 1929–2009

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