By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

When we say we believe in God made known in Jesus Christ, we remember the whole story of Jesus’ life: his birth into a poor family in a small unnoticed village, his life of humility, his service and radical justice-filled love, and his sacrificial death and the mystery of his Easter presence and appearance to us and his disciples. This prayer holds onto those many polyvalent truths and meets us in our own human experience of suffering, salvation, and freedom.

The prayer was written by Cuban Christians in the 1990’s and affirms God’s presence in suffering, a powerful testimony from a place where corruption, oppression, guerrilla war, nuclear armament, and the struggle for freedom has been an ongoing narrative for decades or even centuries.

Let us pray:

We believe in you, O God,
For you have made the suffering of humanity your suffering.
You have come to establish a kingdom of the poor and humble.
Today we sing to you, because you are alive,
You have saved us, you have made us free.
—Cuba, Statement of Faith