By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

Point of view is everything. A change in perspective can change everything. I say this knowing that we each carry our own laments, our own anger, our own cries of despair for what is hard, and we must honor the work of lament: too often we are taught to bottle up the “difficult” emotions and not acknowledge when something is hard. But there’s something poignant about this prayer that helps move us from lament or anger to gratitude and even service. This prayer has the capacity to reorient our own laments and gain new perspective on the multitude of suffering in this world.  Ultimately, I think, it can inspire us to take risks for the sake of others, act sacrificially for the sake of justice, and make changes in our own lives for the sake of what we believe.

Let us pray:

Forgive me, O God:
I was angry that I had no shoes,
Then I met someone who had no feet.
—Anonymous, China