By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

Mother Teresa said, “love, to be true, must be first for our neighbor. This love will bring us to God.” The prayer below from a collection of her writings in Essential Catholic Social Thought unpacks who are neighbor might be, especially “the hungry one, the lonely one, the homeless child, those seeking for shelter.”

How might this prayer change your heart as you seek to see Jesus Christ in the world these days?

Let us pray:

God, you identify yourself with the hungry, the sick, the naked, the homeless.
If sometimes our poor people have had to die of starvation,
it is not because you didn’t care for them,
but because I didn’t give,
was not an instrument of love,
to give them bread,
to give them clothing;
because I did not recognize you,
Christ, in distressing disguise—
in the hungry man, in the lonely man, in the homeless child, and in those seeking for shelter.
Our work calls for us to see Jesus in everyone. Amen.
—Mother Teresa, 1910–1997

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