By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

I love these kinds of blessings that ask for God’s presence all around us. It takes the Romans 8:31 idea that “nothing can separate us” from God to a more tangible level, asking God’s blessing to be before-above-below-behind.

St. Columba was an Irish missionary to Scotland who built and blessed the monastery at Iona, Scotland—a beloved pilgrimage site for Christians today. It was a center for learning, healing and hospitality, a gentle way for the love of Christ to be spread. 


Let us pray:

Be a bright flame before me, O God,
And a guiding star above me.
Be a smooth path below me
And a kindly shepherd behind me,
Today, tomorrow and always.
—St. Columba, 521–597

Click through to watch Chancel Choir harmonize a cappella style “My God is a Rock” in January 2016 and replayed in yesterday’s Summer Worship