By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

Back in late April (feels like a million years ago), Kiley Urban read Psalm 16 for our youth psalm study. She reflected that it is a psalm about trust and security, two things that we need in these COVID-shaped days. She notices that you can tell the person who originally wrote this psalm thousands of years ago was themselves in a time of trouble. Kiley lifts up this line in particular, “You are my Lord, I have no good apart from you.” We need God the same way this psalm writer needs God: seeking God will get us through. Hear Kiley’s full reflection here. 

Trust is an intimate thing. Trust is related to confidence, certainty, reliance. Trust is part of our social fabric. It’s what allows us to go about our daily lives. When we trust one another, we place our lives in each other’s hands. We entrust one another with our breath, heartbeat, health, happiness. In whom do you place your trust? 

Let us pray:

God, I trust you.
Be my safe place, my refuge.
You are my portion, my cup, all I need.
Counsel me.
Instruct me.
Do not let me be shaken.
Let my body rest secure.
Do not abandon me.
Make known to me the path of life.
Fill me with joy, O Eternal One.
—A prayer based on Psalm 16, by Katie Snipes Lancaster from the NRSV