By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

Sometimes prayer is inward, asking God to penetrate what is deep within our heart and soul. Sometimes prayer is outward, a living expression of the change God calls us toward. We pray with our hands and feet, the work of our lives, the sacrifice and struggle of loving God and neighbor. Prayer means asking God to move us into new ways of living and moving and being in the world.

Charles Amjad-Ali was ordained in the Church of Pakistan, founded the Human Rights Commission in Pakastan, and wrote extensively on Christian-Muslim relations including a 2006 book called Islamophobia. He served for many years as a professor as the Martin Luther King, Jr., Prof. for Justice & Christian Community at Luther Seminary in Minnesota. His prayer below adapts Gandhi’s “seven social sins” as an address to God, lifting up our hope for peace mingled with the imperfect scramble for a way of life that establishes systemic peace for all.

May our prayer life impact every part of our common life together.

Let us pray:

God of justice and peace,
Make us your instruments
So that we struggle to ensure
That there is no wealth without work;
No pleasure without conscience;
No technology and science
Without humanity and care for your creation;
No knowledge without character and compassion;
No politics without principle;
No commerce without morality and ethics;
No worship without sacrifice.
— Charles Amjad-Ali

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