By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

We never know what will unfold on a given day before it comes to pass. Sometimes we can begin to trust in the certainty, that days and weeks and months and years might unfold in a predictable way, and then all of a sudden everything changes; a death, a birth, a move, an injury, a new relationship. Sometimes the change happens slowly, and suddenly we turn around to realize how much has changed.

There’s something about this moment in history in which so much is shifting all of a sudden for almost everyone. Even as some things return to “normal,” we are ever-more in tune with the universal prayer for God’s presence in seismic change.

I love this prayer from Augustine of Hippo. He wrote this hundreds of years ago, and it holds the same hope we need now, “Grant us, dear God…in all our uncertainties your guidance.”

Whether today holds inconsequential uncertainties, or earth shattering ones, may God be your guide.

Let us pray:

O loving God,
to turn away from you is to fall,
to turn toward you is to rise,
and to stand before you is to abide forever.
Grant us, dear God,
in all our duties your help;
in all our uncertainties your guidance;
in all our dangers your protection;
and in all our sorrows your peace;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Augustine of Hippo, 354–430

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