Third Grade Bible

A milestone year at Kenilworth Union Church when children are invited to learn scripture by heart that they will encounter throughout their lives; the Ten Commandments, the 23rd Psalm, the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus’ Greatest Commandment, and the Books of the Bible. The year culminates in the presentation of a personalized Bible during worship.

Fifth and Sixth Grade

The new fifth and sixth grade Sunday School Group is a way for middle school students to put their faith into action through service projects. The expectations for this milestone include regular attendance and participation in three (3) of the service projects during the 2021–2022 school year. Contact Tyler Yost, new Associate Director of Children and Youth Ministry to receive the complete list of expectations and to sign up.

Service Milestone Expectations

  • At least semi-regular attendance at Sunday School: There will be important foundational lessons that take place throughout the year and it will serve your child well to be in attendance. We understand that things come up and cause shifts in priorities. This is okay and understandable. So if your child can make it to Sunday School at least once a month, they will be eligible for recognition for the Service Milestone.
  • Attendance at Service Opportunities: Given that this year is a “service” milestone, your child should plan on attending the service opportunities that come up with the church. Specifically there will be a set of opportunities that come out of the Children’s Ministry Program with Sunday School. Attendance at all of the service opportunities would be amazing! However we understand that things come up throughout the year and this may not be possible for your child. So we will require attendance at just three service opportunities throughout the year. This will include the final service project that the Children will participate in making at the end of the year.
  • Maintaining of Appropriate Behavior: We will be going out into the community. This means that we will be representing Kenilworth Union Church, Christianity, and Jesus to the communities that we will be serving. This also means that we need to maintain appropriate behavior befitting a member of Kenilworth Union Church and followers of Jesus.
    • Behavioral Expectations:
      • Enthusiasm! We need to tap into the flowing energy of the Holy Spirit and project it out into the world with a zeal for providing these services to God’s people.
      • Respect! We need to have reverence for the communities and the practices that we engage with. This will help us bring the love of Jesus to everyone we meet.
      • Openness to New Experiences! Having openness will give space for the Holy Spirit to work within each of us in these new environments.

When all is said and done for the year, there will be a service of recognition for the service milestone for the 5th and 6th graders. The recognition for the service milestone will include a bestowal of Faith Bowls to each 5th and 6th grader that qualified for the recognition service and completion of the milestone.

Service Project Descriptions

Labyrinth Restoration
Wednesdays, September 29 & October 6

  • Project to be led by Mignon Dupepe
  • Service opportunity to restore the Church’s Labyrinth in the front yard
  • The project will be on two different days to allow for a complete restoration at the hands of the child volunteers
  • Instructions for how the restoration will take place and the request for the materials to do so will be provided by Mignon Dupepe
  • The church should be able to provide the materials for such a restoration

Indigenous People’s Day Service Project
Sunday, October 10

National Recycling Day Service Project
Sunday, November 14

MLK Weekend Service Project
Sunday, January 16

  • Senior citizen outreach
  • Bringing kids to spend time with seniors at nursing homes
  • Playing games and talking
  • Hand delivering homemade cards

Discussion Day for Final Service Project
Sunday, March 13

  • TBD