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2,700 Bibles and Counting!

Children's Day Worship
Sunday, May 21, 10 a.m.
We recognize the 3rd graders who have written scripture on their hearts.

May 16, 2023|Comments Off on 2,700 Bibles and Counting!

All Are Welcome to Children’s Day Worship

By The Reverend Christine V. Hides We are delighted to recognize the milestones met by our third graders on Sunday, May 21 when those who have completed a year of memory [...]

May 11, 2023|Comments Off on All Are Welcome to Children’s Day Worship

Sunday School Teachers

Help Needed!
Please consider the next program year to assist with Children's Ministry.

May 2, 2023|Comments Off on Sunday School Teachers

Practicing Giving

Raising Generous Kids: watch this video of the Holy Family Ministries virtual tour. Read more below about Kenilworth Union's connection to HFM! Parents often share with us their desire to practice giving [...]

April 25, 2023|Comments Off on Practicing Giving

Spoiler Alert

Easter is more than chocolates and bunnies, but talking about Jesus’ death can be tricky. Here’s are some tips...

March 27, 2023|Comments Off on Spoiler Alert