College and Beyond

Squire Prince

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College-age youth are not separated from God’s love or ours whether or not they ever step into church during their college years. Even while many seem to drift from church when they go to college, this faith family reminds them of their belonging and God’s love through outreach and contact. Examples include: Freshman Care Package project; college reunion lunches; Christmas Eve 11 p.m. Candlelight Worship Team, Valentines Cards, and an invitation to join the College Leader Team for IMPACT mission trips. Youth Ministry staff also continues to provide one-on-one remote and local practical support of all kinds for these emerging adults.

Once youth set out on life after college, the spend at least a few years wondering “What the heck am I doing?” Youth Ministry for young adults aims to be a guidepost, reminding them of the community they have at church and also, of God’s wisdom and invitation that can help illuminate and navigate big questions of life, vocation and call.

At the age of 21, young adults are invited to join “Theology on Tap” where deeper questions of life and faith are discussed either online or at a local bar in Chicago. Additionally young adults who live in Chicago are invited to practice faith in service through connection with some of Kenilworth Union’s Outreach Agencies where they can help support the church’s outreach mission.

Young adults are invited to participate in the Christmas Eve 11 p.m. Candlelight Worship Team and are recruited each year to serve as key team leaders for IMPACT summer mission trips, a low-cost way to see the world and serve humanity, while spending a week or two immersed in Christian community.  In addition they are invited back into church life through leadership roles on church committees, if geographically feasible and to participate in a multitude of faith formation offerings available to adults in the church.




Squire Prince