News from Bill and Kathy Evertsberg

Hi Kenilworth Union Church, it’s Bill Evertsberg. It’s April 23, 2022, on day six of my sabbatical.

We’re here at Grand Teton National Park and I’m at the Chapel of the Transfiguration, which is in the middle of Grand Teton National Park. I think it’s under the jurisdiction of the Episcopal diocese in this area.

They planted this in 1925 for obvious reasons. The view behind me is the view that you can see from the window behind the altar if you’re inside the chapel.

The title “transfiguration” refers to that event in Jesus’ life, obviously, when we went to the top of the mountain to pray with his disciples and his visage was transfigured and his disciples saw something of his extraterrestrial origin.

And so here in Grand Teton National Park, people come here to be transfigured by the beauty of God’s mountains, and I think that’s kind of the purpose of a sabbatical too, to be changed by the beauty that surrounds you. So thanks for letting me have this experience. I’ll see you in a few weeks.