What a great morning with author Ruth Goring!

By The Reverend Christine V. Hides

“God is home.” This was the answer to the question I asked in chapel, “What is the most important part of this book for you?” Other children said, “When Jesus leads us,” and “that God is everywhere like the wind.” Yesterday provided rich opportunities to explore images of God through the poetry and art of our visiting author, Ruth Goring. You can download the discussion guide here.
This coming Sunday, March 8, all the children will visit the World Jesus Knew (formerly known as “Habitat”). This is another opportunity for children to experience and interact as they learn and explore. 
Each week, when I am preparing the seven lessons needed each Sunday, the following statement echoes through my mind: “Effective faith formation with children respects the ways children learn today by offering activities that are experiential, image-rich, multi-sensory, interactive, engaging and varied in learning style.” (Roberto and Pfiffner)
My greatest hope and prayer is that the environment we create on Sunday mornings and in our midweek children and family programs allows each child to encounter God’s love, joy, and peace in a way that sticks with them through the week. None of this would be possible without the teachers who make the lesson plans come to life.
Our teaching teams of 810 adults per grade are filling up for next fall. We are also searching for a variety of support roles, some that require only a few hours per year, and others that can be done at home.
If God is nudging you to share your time and talent with Children and Family Ministry in the coming year, please reach out to Christine Hides, Diana Connolly, or any of our Children and Family Ministry Committee members. 

Activity: Create an interactive prayer space at home

Candles, items found in nature, cloth, and other simple objects make a beautiful and engaging space to encounter God. Find out more.