The Reverend Christine V. Hides

Sunday mornings in the backyard of the Warwick Manse, our outdoor classroom for family ministry, have a great joy to them. After months of being apart, we are now able to reconnect. New families have been welcomed to the church. Families who once worshiped at different services now take safely distant walks together. Greta and I light up behind our masks when we see the faces of kids we have not seen in real life in months. I believe we all now have a deeper appreciation for the ways we are able to gather in community.

If our weather runs out we will move indoors (see this tour of our indoor space) and online. So far we have seen over half of the families with children under 6th grade at Sunday Family Faith Time (the COVID-19 version of Sunday school). Which is to say, if you are looking to reconnect and if you would like to engage in simple spiritual practices that your family can do all week long—there is room for you (options are below)!

Not only that, but we are curating one of the best online church-based family resources in the country through our new platform, CONNECT, run on Mighty Networks. CONNECT is a growing library of articles, activities, videos, and resources to guide families of all shapes and sizes on their journey of faith. To join CONNECT, register for one of the pathways below, or email Christine Hides for the private link.

Fall Pathway Options
9 a.m.: This is Our Prayer (Walk)—in-person, outdoor
9 a.m.: Family Chapel—in person, outdoor / indoor in bad weather
11 a.m.: Digging Deeper (into the Old Testament)—hybrid, half online and half in person
11 a.m.: Third Grade Bible Online & Hybrid
Asynchronous courses and Enter In, a video to prepare for online worship.
Please register for all pathways using our online form.


Strengthen or begin a family prayer practice: Prayer doesn’t have to be head bowed, eyes closed, before meals. You can pray with doodlesas you walk the labyrinth, and at the end of the day, just to name a few. More prayer ideas are being added to our online platform CONNECT. Email Christine Hides for the link.