By The Reverend Christine V. Hides

“It feels happy to be at the table with all the people,” was a child’s answer in our wondering about the story of the Good Shepherd and World Communion. Yesterday we delighted in more stories of bread from the congregation, the Bible, in worship, and in Wondertime. After the story children returned to the sanctuary to gather around the table with all the people.

As the story unfolded the children had many ideas about where the table could be: in the backyard, in space, and near the sun. I intentionally chose not to directly connect the table in our sanctuary with the story, because it is lovely to watch children’s eyes widen with recognition and excitement when they “discover” where Christ’s table is located. This table connects us with churches throughout the world, in the present, in the past, and in the future. In the mystery of the bread and the cup, the people of God are gathered across space and time.

Creating community is our highest priority for Sunday school because feeling safe, known and loved is foundational to our faith development. Throughout the summer Children and Family Ministry staff, teachers, and volunteers have been preparing for the sacred work of nurturing community as we prepare for Sunday School to kick off on Homecoming Sunday, September 8. Teacher training, background checks, lesson planning, and calendars are all a part of the joyful back-to-school bustle.

As we ready to welcome the children back, we request that parents fill out this online registration form for each child who will participate in Sunday School, choirs, or weekday programming. This new annual registration system will improve our welcome, planning and care of children. Thank you for completing it by September 1.

Youth who would like to help with any of our children’s programs should fill out this online form to indicate interest.

The year-long Children and Family Ministry calendar is available in three formats: