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This group meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 9:30 a.m. to read an article or two together and pausing to share and comment. Please contact Suzanne Hales for more information.

Our next meeting is to be a holiday celebration. We are going to have a Yankee Swap. Each of you bring a book (not new) wrapped. If you don’t bring a book you won’t go home with one!  If you are not familiar with the Yankee Swap game, I’ll explain it when we meet.  The celebration will be at our regular meeting Thursday December 8 in the Culbertson Room at 9:30.

After our swap, we will read part of the book “Small Things Like These”. If you have the book, please bring it. Otherwise, Julie has made copies for those who do not have a book. They are available on the shelf across from her desk.