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We will gather online for 20 minutes to hear a short reading, reflect on our day, and pray together.

(Connect to Midweek Candle Time at 7 p.m. from link in Children and Family Ministry Newsletter or contact Christine Hides for access.)

What to Bring this Week:  print this week’s coloring page and Family Faith Prompts sheet.

What is Candle Time? I am glad you asked! This is a short, 20-30 minute, time to explore the week’s Bible story and how it relates to real life. We’ve designed it especially for children ages 12 and under and their adults. We know it is bedtime for our younger friends- feel free to snuggle up in your jammies! We’ve got your bedtime story covered.

What will we do and what do we need?

Each week we will share a “toolbox” of easy to find items to bring with you to the gathering.

Our plan is intentionally simple:

  • Light our candles and take a few, deep breaths.

  • Read an illustrated version of the week’s Bible story.

  • Talk about questions that link the story with real life.

  • End with a peaceful, evening prayer.

Candle Time will be joyful yet gentle as we transition toward rest. Our goal is to create 20 minutes of quality time together.