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KUC Adventures: Planning meeting is set for Sun., Feb. 2 at 11:45 a.m. in the Centennial Room. Please bring your ideas for another year of adventures! If you cannot make the meeting let Liz Dickey know your ideas by email.

For the meeting on February 2, Liz has created a Google Doc to gather ideas from everyone and to know if you can attend the meeting.

Using the link above, please let me know as much as you can about the following:

  • If you can attend the meeting on Feb. 2
  • What you would like to include on the meeting agenda
  • Suggestions for 2020 activities
  • If you can lead an event

If you have trouble using the Google doc, please email Liz your input. Also, if you are using an iPhone with the Google doc, please install the Google docs app first or you will be unable to write on the doc.