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“If the house is to be set in order, one cannot begin with the present; one must begin with the past.” —John Hope Franklin, American historian

Hidden Stories of the North Shore

This is a two-part event: a “Before the Gathering” series of four online discussions to raise awareness of the history of race in our neighborhoods, followed by a community walk on Saturday, June 19, beginning at 9 a.m. in the New Trier Township. (location TBD) We have lined up an impressive list of New Trier High School administrators and teachers, civic and religious leaders, local historians, young New Trier High School alumni and current students to participate in these events. In the weeks leading up to the walk, the *Before the Gathering Online Educational series will run on Wednesdays from 7–8 p.m. on the dates and topics below:

Wednesday, May 26: History
Wednesday, June 2: Houses of Worship*
Wednesday, June 9: Education
Wednesday, June 16: Community Action
Saturday, June 19, 9–10 a.m. HEROS Community Gathering

*Bill Evertsberg will serve on the panel discussion with other faith leaders on Wednesday, June 2

For those who are not familiar with HEROS, we are a community organization which stands for Healing Everyday Racism in Our Schools. HEROS was founded in 2018 with the explicit purpose of providing a community response to racist incidents at New Trier and its feeder schools. We are a multiracial group of parents and community members actively working to bring equity to the public schools in New Trier Township, including New Trier High School. The HEROS website.

The purpose of our upcoming “Hidden Stories of the North Shore” is to bring to light the hidden history that is sitting in our backyard, to raise awareness for the work of HEROS, and to inspire more people to get involved. You can find an article from The Shorefront Journal which describes this nuanced history to those who are not familiar with it. We have scheduled the walk on Juneteenth to help create meaningful action for the New Trier community on that significant date.

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Note: The series of four online discussions is meant for adults and teenagers.  The community gathering on Saturday, June 19 in Winnetka (location TBD) is meant for the entire family. Bring grandparents, children, strollers, sidewalk chalk, etc.

Click here to register for Hidden Stories of the North Shore: Before the Gathering Discussion Series.