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Earth Day Collections

4/9 4/22

Kenilworth Union Church Green Team tree logo

Celebrate Earth month with the Kenilworth Union Church Green Team and bring any of the items below to church April 9–April 22 to be recycled. A collection table will be in the front entrance. Don’t stop in April. You can continue to recycle products that you’d typically landfill (see “on your
own”). Make every day Earth Day!

1. Corks (on your own: Good Grapes, or ReCORK)

2. Plastic film (on your own: any store that accepts bags: Jewel, Marianos, Target)
Acceptable Items that can be collected must be clean and free of food residue:

● Polyethylene stretch and
shrink wrap
● Grocery Bags
● Newspaper sleeves
● Paper towel / toilet paper
over wrap
● Cleaning and dry produce
● Dry cleaning bags
● Case Wrap (used to wrap
canned goods, water
bottles, etc.)
● Ziploc bags (dry and clean)

● Bread bags (dry and clean)
● Salt bags (shaken)
● Ice bags (no moisture or
hard / metal clips)
● Bubble Wrap
● Polyethylene foam (used in wrapping furniture)
● Other Polyethylene
packaging (Recycle Code 2
and 4)
● Cereal bags (i.e., the bag
inside the box)
● Amazon plastic mailer

3. Beauty Products (on your own: Sephora, Nordstrom Beautycycle)

● Hair products – Empty bottles, tubes and caps from shampoo, conditioner and styling products
● Skin care – Empty bottles, tubes and dispensers from cleansers, toners and moisturizers
● Make up – Empty tubes, tubs, pans, palettes and twist-up containers from all cosmetics
● Samples – Empty trial-size tubes and vials, excluding perfume
—Items Not Accepted—
● Aerosol cans
● Perfume, nail polish or nail polish remover bottles
● Electronics (hair and skin care tools)
● Non-empty containers of product

4. Oral Care Recycling Program (on your own: Oral B & Crest, Colgate)

● All brands of used or empty toothpaste tubes and caps, toothbrushes, toothpaste cartons, toothbrush outer packaging, and floss containers
Not Accepted: Electric toothbrushes, battery toothbrushes, and/or their parts.

5. Writing Tools (on your own: Staples)

● Crayons
● Pens & markers
● Wooden & mechanical pencils
● (Keep this resource in mind especially as the school year ends!)

6. Bread Tags for Wheelchairs (on your own: Go Green Winnetka Bread Tags Project)

● Many small actions can have a big impact.
● 260,000 bread tags = 200 lbs. of plastic = one basic wheelchair

7. Reuse A Shoe (on your own: Lake County Residents SWALCO; Nike Reuse a Shoe-athletic shoes only)

Accepted Items from SWALCO New, Gently Used, or Worn

● Men’s, Women’s and
Children’s Footwear
● Dress Shoes
● Work Shoes
● Casual Shoes
● Flip Flops
● Crocs
● Sandals
● Clogs
● Slip-ons
● Slippers

● Hiking Boots
● Rain Boots
● Dress Boots
● Fashion Shoes
● Loafers
● Athletic Shoes of all Kinds
● Light-up shoes
—Items Not Accepted—
● Rollerblades
● Ice Skates
● Winter Boots

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