By King Poor, Kenilworth Union Green Team Chair

In the waning days of winter, they return. Nestled around tree or bush, in garden bed, or lawn, each day we discover them—the small, valiant vanguard of spring color: yellow winter aconite hugging close to the earth, snow-white snow drops, cobalt blue scilla, and clusters of lavender crocus. Then, after waiting patiently, golden daffodils open and tower above them all. At winter’s end, they bring reassurance, emblems of hope.

But of course, in other ways, this spring has been anything but reassuring. It has a quiet like none we ever have known. And in that quiet, we think about health—our own, that of family, friends, our town, state, nation, and every nation—and see all the ways we are interconnected.

Earth Day 50 Years

Fifty years ago this month, April 1970, masses of people gathered around the globe to celebrate the first Earth Day. This Earth Day, April 22, will be unlike any other. Though there will be no mass gatherings, millions will still gather virtually, united in one concern: the health of our earth. And in the great challenge of preserving the earth’s health, again, we see how we are interconnected.

And now, what does our faith ask of us? Its essence is simple: to be good stewards of God’s creation. The challenges are vast and complicated, but solutions begin with individual choices, and each of us, in our own way, can make a difference. For Earth Day 50th Anniversary, Kenilworth Union’s Green Team is offering different ways for each of us to participate.

Resources Matter—Do More to Waste Less! Join us online Thursday, April 23 online. Mary Allen, director of recycling at the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC) will lead a discussion on how actually recycling works and how we may do it better. Originally scheduled to be held at Kenilworth Union Church, this program will now be held online and will be co-sponsored with us by four of our neighboring houses of worship Christ Church Winnetka, Holy Comforter, Temple Jeremiah, and Winnetka Congregational Church.

Do One Thing for the Health of the Earth: Change a habit, change an attitude, change a world. The World Health Organization and provide a variety of ideas for any person to choose just one thing for the health of the earth. Reduce your carbon footprint, support land or water conservation, or plant trees. Choose just one—and you may be inspired to do two, or three or more. Handy links: Do One Thing (DOT) Earth Day Ideas , Earth Day Challenge, and WHO.

Movies and Books About Caring for the Earth: Learning leads to caring and caring leads to action. The Green Teams’s 2020 Climate Action document offers movie and book suggestions on a wide range of topics to increase your understanding and spur your thoughts on caring for our natural world.

In these difficult times, we are seeing how interconnected we all are and how small acts of one can make a difference for many. Please join us on April 23 at 7 p.m.—to Resources Matter—Do More to Waste Less!