Despite closed buildings and social distancing, this year the Day by Day committee sold its largest calendar order ever of 3,700. For the first time in their 40+ year history, calendars were sold out at Christmastime, and the mailout was the largest ever at 450 recipients—some of whom ordered in excess of 60 calendars. As always, all proceeds benefit the church’s Outreach agencies.

COVID-19 has shifted perspective on many things, but one truth made abundantly clear by the success of this year’s Day by Day sales is the prevailing spirit of generosity from both the committee and its supporters, and the undiminished capacity for making connections with others.

There is still a chance that a few Day by Day calendars may become available pending some USPS challenges. To place an order on the waitlist, call the church at 847-251-4272 or email Include your phone number and the number of calendars you wish to order.

Thank you to the Day by Day committee and its supporters who are literally making it possible to turn the page into a promising new year, one day at a time.