So I guess I am obsessed with bread and baking, not only on the mundane level as a job, but on many symbolic levels having to do with Spirit, purity, the hereafter, and the nourishment of not only the body but also the nourishment of the soul. Yes it is the symbol of ‘The Bread of Heaven’ for me and for many others. If not for you, that’s fine.

If I’m honest I do have somewhat of an obsessive personality, spiced with the love of drama, spectacle and art; I’m an opera singer after all. Ha!

So I’m leaving work the other day in Park Ridge and I went up to the bread case as a customer and I wanted to purchase some bread. “Hello Sarah,” I said to the affable and super nice retail bakery gal. “Wow, it’s so beautiful!” I exclaimed to her. “Yes it is!” Sarah said with a knowing wink and twinkle in her eye. We giggled and laughed with our clever inside joke. Haha…. Of course you know at this point I’m ‘Incognito’ because I’ve donned my winter coat and hat ready to leave. The only telltale clue as to who I am is the white substance clinging to my bakery clogs. Lol…just then a lady standing to my right joined in with our ‘praise’ of the bread who overheard Sarah and me. “Yes!” This sweet lady said with warm appreciation and excitement. “It’s our favorite, it’s brilliant bread!” I smiled with secret happiness and warmth that she was so delighted. That’s what we do at Whole Foods Market, we satisfy, delight, and nourish our customers.

Then this lovely lady leaned into me and whispered “But it’s a little expensive….” I smiled broadly and said very delicately “Yes but this bread was made with human hands and with meticulous care, passion, love, and dedication.” That’s worth something I thought. Then she looked down at my clogs covered in white and she smiled.

Machines are ok for baking bread but they have no soul….

PS. You never know who you’re talkin’ to.