Church Stories

April 6, 2022

David Honoré

Written by: Julia Smolucha

One of our dear music staff members, David Honoré, has been in the hospital battling glioblastoma. After deep analysis and reflection, David and his fiancée, Beth, decided to transition into hospice care at their home. David is a member of our church, and has been our tenor section leader for Chancel Choir and Youth Choir for seven years. After his initial diagnosis, Chancel Choir was blessed to have two more rehearsals with him while he was still able. We held hands and surrounded him with pure love as we sang “Be Still” by Mary MacDonald. God was in the room. Right there. Next to David.

There is a Caringbridge website that provides updates and a format for sending prayers and support to David, Beth and his eighteen year old daughter and senior, Gabrielle. There is also a meal train where you can sign up to provide a meal. Cards and notes of support can be sent to:

David Honoré
843 Ridge Road # 2S
Evanston, IL 60202

Chancel Choir will be dedicating our May 1 Choral Music Sunday offering of Schubert’s Mass in G to David. If you see a few tears in the choir, you will know why. We love him. He is part of our family.

“May the Sun of Righteousness arise for you with healing in its wings.” —Malachi 4:2

Lisa Bond