By Chris Beer

When you or your family is going through a time of need, whether it is tied to a happy time (birth of a new baby) or a sad time (loss of a loved one), the gift of a meal is much more than a tasty casserole. The exchange of a meal and a kind note is a sign of community, compassion, and God’s love. The Care Guild at Kenilworth Union Church provides care to our members with meals, rides, and visits in times of illness, bereavement, arrival of a new baby or other events. The Guild is comprised of over 75 volunteers, working in teams headed by monthly team leaders who offer this care quietly. How do the teams work? Each team has 3–4 members. Team members are ready during their preferred month to write notes to those who are sick, sad, or healing. Members deliver meals (just grab one from the Care Guild freezer), help with rides, visit, and write cards to those in need.

Do you like to cook? Are you a social butterfly? Would you like to get to know other like-minded people within our Kenilworth Union community? Join our team of cooks! Our cooks gather periodically in the church kitchen to make large batches of meals. No culinary degree necessary—just time and the willingness to serve!

How do I notify the Care Guild if there is a family in need? If you or someone you know needs help—or if you’re interested in volunteering—you may call the team leader directly at the Care Guild Hotline (847) 853-3534 or the church office (847) 251-4272. The monthly team leader is listed in the bulletin each week. What is the time commitment? Care Guild is a very flexible service opportunity. Whether you prefer to lend you time delivering meals, writing notes, or cooking, we will find a place for you on Care Guild. Of note—these are modern times, and cooking is not just for women! The Care Guild welcomes men and women to join our team of cooks. It is a social, fun and fulfilling position, and we’d love to welcome you to our committee.