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Kenilworth Union Church annually contributes money and time to over 40 social service and educational organizations in the Chicago metropolitan area. These agencies provide vital health care to the uninsured, food and shelter for the needy, child care, family services, education and training, and much more. Grants range from $1,700 to $10,000.

The Outreach Committee seeks to be good stewards of the funds it distributes. When the Committee is determining whether to support an agency, the following funding criteria are considered:

  • Is this an agency where we can make an impact?
  • Is this an agency where there is involvement with members of the congregation and potential volunteer opportunities?
  • Is the organization financially viable?
  • Is the agency well-managed?

To enhance our effectiveness in making funding decisions, two volunteers from the Kenilworth Union congregation are assigned to be liaisons to each agency. For a new agency to be reviewed by the Outreach Committee, it has to be proposed by a member of the congregation who is willing to act as the liaison between the Church and the agency. The liaisons meet with the agency at least annually, prepare agency reviews and present them to the Outreach Committee in May to help them make their funding decisions. In addition, the liaisons are encouraged to develop awareness of the agency within the church organization and make congregants aware of volunteer opportunities. To volunteer as an agency liaison, contact Kathy McCabe.

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