Christine V. Hides

We hold our Christmas traditions close to our hearts. Never was this more clear to my family than when we found ourselves on Christmas Eve stranded at an airport eating McDonald’s for dinner, sad to be missing out on our usual events.

As we sat eating our not-so-happy meals we watched fellow travelers walking by. College students, men and women in uniform, families with young children, older people traveling alone. We offered up a simple prayer for those traveling on Christmas Eve and felt a glimmer of the joy of God with us, even there. In the chaos and gloom we were reminded that God’s story and God’s light travel with us, always.

While nothing compares to the experience of singing Silent Night by candlelight with our church family, Christ still meets us wherever we are this and every day—in the sanctuary, at home with a virus, traveling to be with family, and even at the airport McDonald’s.

If you are in town, please join us for a Christmas Eve service:

*11 a.m.: Family Nativity Worship

*3, *6, 9, 11 p.m.: Traditional Candlelight Worship

*Live Streaming of this worship is delivered to those who cannot attend in person:

If you find yourself away from your church home on this holy day, we invite you to experience the ritual of story, light, and song wherever you find yourself using this at-home Christmas Eve worship service.

Posted on December 21, 2018