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November 5, 2019

Christian Outreach Agency Liaison Needed

Written by: Julia Smolucha

What does a Kenilworth Union Liaison do?

The Outreach Committee is seeking volunteers to serve as a liaison to one of three of the charitable agencies that Kenilworth Union supports through its annual giving program, A Just Harvest, West Side Forward (formerly Bethel New Life), and St. Leonard’s Ministries.

Liaisons play a critical role in assuring that the Church has a sound, first-hand understanding of the agencies receiving gifts. And liaisons gain a wonderful opportunity to develop personal relationships with organizations seeking to help the most vulnerable and underprivileged members of our society.

This year, our Church made gifts to 41 charitable agencies, totaling $500,000. Charitable giving at this level presents an extraordinary opportunity for our Church to serve the world around us. But it also imposes a responsibility to be diligent and thoughtful. Each year, 75–80 members of our congregation serve as agency liaisons, forming the backbone of our giving effort. The Outreach Committee is currently seeking 3–4 new liaisons to replace other liaisons who are stepping down.

Each agency supported by Kenilworth Union is assigned two liaisons from our congregation. In the broadest terms, the two liaisons serve as advocates for their agency. But they are also charged with maintaining a thorough, clear-eyed understanding of the agency’s leadership, strategic direction, programs, financial condition, and volunteer opportunities. Liaisons are expected to:

  • Conduct at least one on-site visit each year;
  • Meet with the executive director at least once each year;
  • Ensure the agency completes its annual Kenilworth Union grant application on a timely basis;
  • Prepare a liaison report summarizing the liaisons’ view of the agency; and
  • Meet with members of the Outreach Committee to discuss the grant application and to follow up with the agency’s leadership to address questions from the committee.

Please consider whether you are called to join the many members of our congregation who have served in the vital role of agency liaison. Should you have questions regarding the role, or wish to discuss the agencies that are in need of a liaison, please contact one of the Outreach Committee co-chairs: Peter Schaff or Chris Cole.

Thank you!