By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

It’s been a while since I’ve sat in a Rejoice Choir rehearsal, but I have seen it in action: the room tingles with energy as Lisa Bond and Kelly Harrington conduct song after song, some joyful and upbeat, others with a more somber tone. Every song tells the story of God’s love, and makes room for the fullest expression of human emotion. Kids hear their own lives echoed in word and melody.

Talking with Kelly Harrington this week, she said that what she loves most is they way kids help each other: popping up to point to the right notes when someone is lost, getting music for each other. And, when they come into the room and see the day’s agenda written on the whiteboard, she said “they burst into song—singing through their favorites before rehearsal even starts.” One of the choir members, Jorie, says she loves the community: “When everyone comes into the choir room they are excited. There is energy for making a joyful song to God.” Another choir member, Will, loves to sing and reminds us that leadership matters: “Mrs. Harrington and Mrs. Bond are very nice.” Oh, and of course, food matters too; he said, “The food on the retreat is epic.”

Whether or not your children are particularly music-oriented right now, it’s possible that joining the choir might change that. And sometimes, it isn’t just the singing that matters. Choir member Julia says, “I love that I get to sing and see my friends and people I love to be around. It’s a great and supportive place to be and sing. I hope to keep singing!” Lisa Bond is always welcoming new choir members, and we hope this little highlight will nudge you to think about Rejoice Choir for your child this year. Rejoice Choir is open to second through fifth graders, Youth Choir is open to sixth through twelfth graders, and Chancel Choir is open to all adults (we know this got you thinking about joining choir yourself, right?).