By Vivian Vahlberg

Kenilworth Union Church’s annual Rummage Sale once again generated more than $100,000 in proceeds for the Church’s Outreach Agencies, volunteers learned at a Rummage celebration gathering recently.

Noting that “There’s just no way we could generate that much revenue any other way” than through Rummage, coordinator Katie Nahrwold thanked the 243 volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the sale a success, many of whom attended the celebration.

She also praised the help received for Rummage from the Church board, from the entire Church staff and by additional volunteers from St. Leonard’s Ministries, one of the 40 social service agencies that receive Outreach grants from the church.

Nahrwold, Hope Poor, and Cris Guthrie served as co-coordinators of the 2016 and 2017 sales.  Poor and Guthrie will return as coordinators for 2018, but Nahrwold is stepping down. So recruiting has already started for next year’s sale.

In addition to seeking someone to replace Nahrwold as one of the coordinators, Rummage also needs new leaders or co-leaders for setup and takedown, personnel recruitment, social media and communications, plus several new department chairs.  Anyone interested should contact either Poor  or Guthrie.

The dates have already been set for the 2018 sale, with the Premium Presale set for July 12 and the Grand Sale set for July 14.

The exact amount generated by Rummage 2017 won’t be known until one item–a high-quality bassoon, now in the hands of an expert dealer–is sold, which could take several months.  But coordinators expect that the final amount will be approximately $105,000, which is more than recent previous sales have netted.