December 8–15, 2020

Caroling for Youth Ministry can’t happen this year. It is especially important that the residents receive Love and Companionship. So we want to send them CATS from Kenilworth Union Chruch instead. Well—not real cats (I wish)—but these Companion Pets made by Joy for All are a close substitute for those who have been shut in for so long. In addition, we are sending each resident a card with candy.

There are Two ways for you to help!

1) Donate Money to Purchase Cats for the residents at the form below: The goal is to raise $300 for 3 Pets
2) Assemble some packages and write some cards:

– pick up supplies at church (text Silvi to arrange the pickup)
– return your packs by Tuesday,  December 15

January 10, 2021
Cats for Waterford Nursing Home Follow Up

Thanks to the support of youth and their families, we raised enough money to purchase three companion pets and a UV sterilizer box for the residents at Waterford Nursing Home in Rogers Park. We also had enough help to assemble 150 gift bags with hand-written notes, including a small gift and candy in each. It was a blessing to bring joy to those who have been isolated for so long, even though we were not able to visit and carol for them this year. Please keep residents and staff of Waterford Nursing Home in your prayers.

Posted on December 10, 2020
Follow up posted on January 10, 2021