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Staff Announcement

Tyler Yost, the Bridge Ministry Coordinator, has resigned from Kenilworth Union to accept a call at another church as he moves toward ordination. Notes and cards for Tyler are being collected at the front desk. We will celebrate his ministry at Kenilworth Union during youth group on April 6. We give thanks to God for [...]

IMPACT 2022 Theme: Division

Silvi Pirn In 2022 through meetings and activities, the IMPACT program invites high school youth to explore the theme of Division through the lens of our Christian faith. What divides us and keeps us divided? How do we know we are divided? How might God's love show us a way across division? I invite [...]

Valentine Card Signing Party

On Sunday, January 30 from 8 a.m. to noon, the Alison Tobey Smart Memorial Fund Committee invites all ages to help send love to our college freshman and first-year boarding school students. Come write a valentines note to your favorites. For your convenience, on Monday and Tuesday, those who are unable to come on [...]