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2021 Wilderness Confirmation

From the journal of Silvi Pirn Early last week I was trudging up a 500 foot uphill climb on our six-mile trail over rocks and roots with what felt like 80 pounds strapped to my back (probably closer to 40 lbs.—but it felt so heavy!) The weather was hot. I was drenched in [...]

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The Holy Work of Loving God and Neighbor

By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster On a typical Confirmation Sunday, there are a thousand tangible instructions: sit, stand, walk, go, sing, speak. People ask, "What should I wear?" Family travel from sometimes literally across the globe (as near and far as France, Spain, Australia, Boston, Denver, Florida, Lake Forest, and Warwick [...]

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KUC Cares Survey

KUC Cares—a “Care Guild” for Youth: KUC Cares is a group of teens and adults who reach out with extra support to the youth of the church and community.  If a young person you know is facing difficulties like illness or hospitalization, family crisis, mental distress, relationship problems or any other kind of situation [...]