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IMPACT Mission Trip Registration—registration closes Wednesday, March 31. Grades 9–12 IMPACT is the high school group dedicated to serving others close to home and farther away through its annual mission trip program. Registration and Orientation: Sunday, February 21–Wednesday, March 31 Mission Trip Reveal Night,* Sunday, February 21: Mission trips June destinations are [...]

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2021 February Reopening

The Kenilworth Union Church building is now reopened for appointments, member events, and meetings Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–2 p.m. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to stay connected with you virtually and outdoors (weather permitting) but have missed your physical presence and are eager to welcome you back inside. Before you visit please [...]

Cats for Waterford Nursing Home

Silvi Pirn December 8–15, 2020 Caroling for Youth Ministry can't happen this year. It is especially important that the residents receive Love and Companionship. So we want to send them CATS from Kenilworth Union Chruch instead. Well—not real cats (I wish)—but these Companion Pets made by Joy for All are a close substitute for [...]

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Team Spirit

College Break Course Register for this life-changing opportunity today. Has 2020 got you down? Or stressed? Or confused? Does Winter Break seem like weeks and weeks at home with little to do besides video games or Netflix? Join Team Spirit!—and transform your life! This five-week course is led by experienced facilitator and IMPACT [...]

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Alison Tobey Smart Memorial Fund

In addition to supporting youth programs at Kenilworth Union Church, the Alison Tobey Smart Memorial Fund is a proud supporter of and donor to many local mental health organizations. Know that these organizations are working to support the youth and families in our area. They can be a resource for [...]

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