Stewardship Devotional

Sunday, November 3, Stewardship of Community: Have you ever played the game Would You Rather? In it, you choose between two (often humorous) unpalatable options, such as, “Would you rather wear clown shoes every day or a clown wig every day?”

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Stewardship Devotional

Sunday, October 27, Stewardship of Technology: Many of us can’t imagine life without technology, but even those of us who value it see its dark side. We’re aware of the research on rising rates of loneliness, depression, and suicide. Cultural critics crystallize our concerns: “Americans no longer talk to each other, they entertain each other. They do not exchange ideas, they exchange images.”

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The Three Ships

By Ken Harris, President Last year, when I spoke briefly at the annual meeting, I mentioned that the Church would follow a path of three priorities I called Three Ships: Membership, Stewardship and Kindership—the last focusing on children and youth ministries. One year later I am pleased to say we have made meaningful [...]

Stewardship Devotional

Sunday, October 20, Stewardship of Creation: Think about what we get to name in our lives. Some of us have had the privilege of naming children. Others have named pets. A few of us have probably named our cars. We name these things because they mean something to us; they serve more than a utilitarian purpose in our lives. We take great care in selecting each name, seeking to reflect the nature of the person or thing being named and honoring the meaning it carries.

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Stewarding Well

Join stewardship educator and author Ami Campbell and George Wishart, Sundays, October 20–November 3 from 9–10 a.m. in the Centennial Room. For many of us, the word “stewardship” is code for “give money to the church,” a limiting and incomplete definition. In this three-class series, we will explore what it means to be good [...]


Stewardship Devotional

Sunday, October 6, Stewardship of Time: Mechanical clocks were developed by monks in medieval Europe in order to mark hourly time to pray. Your watch (or your cell phone clock) began as a spiritual accessory, a reminder to connect with God.

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Stewardship Devotional

Sunday, September 29, Stewardship of Treasure: In his recorded ministry, Jesus talks an awful lot about money. More than a quarter of his parables cover finances, and he devotes more air time to money than love and prayer combined. Rarely does Jesus praise people for their use of funds, which makes the widow particularly worthy of our attention.

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Stewardship Devotional

Sunday, September 22, Stewardship of Work None of us has mastered every skill. We rely on trained people to build our homes, diagnose our illnesses, farm our food, and perform myriad other tasks that sustain us. Likewise people rely on us for our expertise—whether or not we are paid for it in the marketplace or appreciated for it in our family or volunteer roles. This practice existed long before Adam Smith labeled it “division of labor” in The Wealth of Nations. For millennia trade has allowed both individuals and communities to thrive.

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Give Now

The ministry of Kenilworth Union Church is made possible by the financial support of members and others who engage with us. We are grateful for your gifts and seek to steward them as God would desire. Payment Options Make your contribution one of these ways: Online via one of the buttons to the [...]

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Stewardship Devotional

Sunday, September 15: Stewardship of the Mind Let’s be honest; most people in our country don’t drag themselves, much less their children, out of bed early each Sunday morning to attend church. The demands of this world—emails, deadlines, activities, social and family commitments—don’t pause for worship. Attending church on Sunday is decidedly non-conformist.

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