All of Us Made a Difference!

By George Wishart Thanks to your unwavering support, the church closed its fiscal year on June 30 having met its budget! Despite the uncertainty the pandemic has brought, you have been stalwart givers toward fulfilling your All of Me, All of Us campaign pledges of $2.1 million. Thank you for enabling Kenilworth Union [...]

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During this challenging time, our church continues to serve the emotional and spiritual needs of our congregation, albeit in a different mode than usual. Our ministers teach online and give pastoral care by phone; our Communications team keeps everyone informed via email; our building maintenance team creates a healthy and safe work environment for [...]

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Your pledge could take us to the finish!

By George Wishart The All of Me, All of Us Stewardship Campaign is only $99,108 shy of the $2.2M goal. It’s important we meet our goal to maintain the ministries and programs planned for the year. Ministries like our new choirs for preschoolers through first grade, introducing joy in worship to the next [...]

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All of Me, All of Us Gratitude

Thanks to All of You for your commitment to Kenilworth Union’s 2019 All of Me, All of Us stewardship campaign, which as of November 20 has reached 87.5% of the $2.2 million goal. While we have made good progress, we need $270,000 more to preserve Kenilworth Union’s ministry and activities. If you have not [...]

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Stewardship Devotional

Sunday, November 10, Stewardship of Life at Its End: Snoopy and the Peanut’s gang creator, Charles Shultz, has been considered one of our most articulate Christian theologians. Sketching common life, his comics and movies distilled relationships and growing up’s challenges to simple figures and words. In child-like wonder, he named reality while also teaching the mystery of faith.

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Stewardship Devotional

Sunday, November 3, Stewardship of Community: Have you ever played the game Would You Rather? In it, you choose between two (often humorous) unpalatable options, such as, “Would you rather wear clown shoes every day or a clown wig every day?”

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