Kathy Evertsberg, South Africa, Friday, May 27

Sabi Sabi Game Reserve Hi everyone, it's Kathy Evertsberg. We're sending our greetings from the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve. The lodge that we're staying is right to my right here, and the view out behind me is what we wake up to every morning. We're having a fabulous time. It's a trip [...]


WAE Sighting in Kenilworth

Kathy (photographer) shot a picture of Doogie, Bill, Laura and Bruce Linger in Idaho. A few WAE sightings were reported this week at Kenilworth Union as Bill and Kathy changed their luggage from their western states National Park tour to their Southern Africa expedition: Cape Town, Robben Island, and Victoria Falls today. The rest [...]


A Coincidence at the Grand Canyon

Kathy Evertsberg Hello Friends! My name is Kathy Evertsberg. I'm married to one of the ministers at Kenilworth Union Church. As you can tell, I'm channeling words and looks from my husband while taping this video. He's my videographer, say hello Bill. "Hello Kenilworth Union Church! I miss you!" I'm sitting here [...]

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Zion National Park Court of the Four Patriarchs

Bill and Kathy Evertsberg’s Sabbatical April 30, 2022 Hi Kenilworth Union Church, it's Bill Evertsberg. I'm recording this on Saturday, April 30. Some of you went to the Outreach Benefit last night on April 29. Thanks to the Schaffs and the McGregors for bidding against each other and pushing the price up [...]


Bryce Canyon National Park: Hoodoos

Bill and Kathy Evertsberg's Sabbatical April 29, 2022 Hi Kenilworth Union Church, I'm Bill Evertsberg. It's April 29, a Friday, and day 13 of my sabbatical. We're at Bryce Canyon National Park, a beautiful place. People come to Bryce Canyon to see what they call the hoodoos. These pillar of stone that [...]



from Bill Evertsberg If you find yourself under-challenged when planning a month-long, 7,000-mile trip to the west coast and want to test your organizational skills, add a dog to the trip and stop at many pet-uncongenial national parks.  You will have to do much research on dog-friendly hotels, dog parks near interstates to punctuate [...]