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From April 13–May 30 join with other members of our community on a virtual pilgrimage from the empty tomb of Easter morning to the fire of Pentecost, discovering new meaning of the hope revealed by Jesus’ resurrection. Find out more.

Pilgrimage to Pentecost—Day 40: May 21

Leslie Holling Acts1:1–11 God, from the beginning you have been faithful to us, bearing love and light in our midst. Do the same now, O One Who Dwells With Us. Let your light stretch out across our long days, let your love reach into this day and restore us, let the power of your [...]


Pilgrimage to Pentecost—Day 39: May 20

Eden Hunsader John 16:16–24 O God hear us as we cry out to you again and again. Though we are grateful for many things you have given us we find ourselves in times of need. Please help us find joy when our hearts are empty and alone. We ask this in your name so [...]


Pilgrimage to Pentecost—Day 38: May 19

Duncan White 1 Peter 3:8–9 Loving God apply your gentle spirit of compassion, humility, and love into our life so that we may give glory to your holy name—be with us O God today and always. Amen.For more in-depth study: Psalm 93; Deuteronomy 5:22-33; 1 Peter 3:8-12Join this Sunday at the Wayside to Chat [...]


Pilgrimage to Pentecost—Day 37: May 18

Henry White Genesis 9:12–15 God, as each day extends before us, be with us in every small moment: the tick of the clock, the bird landing on the branch outside our window, the wind swaying gentle and kind, the fertile land growing every kind of green and growing thing. Let every small moment solidify [...]


Pilgrimage to Pentecost—Day 36: May 17

Fifth Badge: Our Lady of Fátima Dear Pilgrim,As pilgrims made their way through the land, they often recorded their progress and memorialized their experience by collecting badges or markers. These would be presented at the final destination as evidence of their journey for a final token or certificate of completion. Along our Pilgrimage to Pentecost, [...]


Pilgrimage to Pentecost—Day 35: May 16

Katie Lancaster John 14: 27–29 Be our peace, O God. Peace in the morning. Peace as we awaken. Peace as the day begins. Peace as we gather to eat. Peace as the work of the day concludes. Peace as we rest. Be our peace, O God. For more in-depth study: Psalm 66:8-20; [...]


Pilgrimage to Pentecost—Day 34: May 15

Sallie SmithPsalm 66:16–20 God, draw near. Be close to us today. When we cry out, hear us. Hear our prayer. Hear the sound of our prayer, even before it is on our lips. Know us in our working and in our resting, in our not knowing and in our future planning. Be with us, [...]


Pilgrimage to Pentecost—Day 33: May 14

Max JenkinsPsalm 66:8–14 God, be our blessing and our song of praise. Be in the tricky middle place between what once was and what will be. Squeeze another blessing into this day, just one more, so that we might know, again and again, that you are our blessing and our song of praise. Amen.For [...]


Pilgrimage to Pentecost—Day 32: May 13

Chris BeerPsalm 102:1–7 God, hear our prayer. Do not hide your face from us. Be with us in our time of trouble. Be bold compassion in our midst. Let your song of silence speak. Be with us and hear our prayer. Amen.For more in-depth study: Psalm 102:1-17; Proverbs 3:13-18; John 8:31-38Join this Sunday at [...]


Pilgrimage to Pentecost—Day 31: May 12

Duff Peterson Exodus 13:21–22 Day and night we whisper, “lead me,” O God. It is as if we have returned to Moses’ wilderness, become again wanderers in need of your ancient pillar of cloud by day and ancient pillar of fire by night. We want the unbearable simplicity of knowing that we are on [...]