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Ann Harvey

Loving Your Neighbor Ann Harvey is thankful her neighbor insisted on a walk in the rain. After their long walk, the neighbor turned home and Ann continued wet and peaceful all they way to Loyola. She noticed on the sidewalk someone had written while the concrete was still wet, “Jesus Saves.” Indeed Jesus [...]

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Sally Campbell

Loving Your Neighbor While Sally Campbell was walking her golden retriever, they met a young woman not known to either of them. She stopped to ask did they need anything?  Did Sally live alone? Then did she have relatives near? Sally replied that we are alone without relatives near. So, then the woman asked [...]

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The Crossgrove Family

Loving Your Neighbor The Crossgroves have a story to share: When their daughter, Clara, turned 13 this week, she received a video of her friends next door (10 and 5 years old) singing to her, as well as a hand-painted card from a 6 year-old neighbor. Later in the afternoon, she received a knock at [...]

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Healthy Church

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) so prominently in the news, we reassure you that Kenilworth Union Church has always and remains committed to maintaining a clean, healthy space. All public areas will continue to be sanitized to our already high standards due to the high volume of people and preschoolers in and out of the [...]