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Do One Thing for the Health of Our Earth

By King Poor, Kenilworth Union Green Team Chair In the waning days of winter, they return. Nestled around tree or bush, in garden bed, or lawn, each day we discover them—the small, valiant vanguard of spring color: yellow winter aconite hugging close to the earth, little three-piece snow flower, petals of snow drops, cobalt [...]

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Easter Us

By The Reverend Dr. Jo Forrest When Jesus entered Jerusalem in the last week of his life, people shouted “hosanna.” With relief their prayers had been answered. How quickly he went from savior to criminal and later corpse. Three days later, in the early morning silence, several women experienced the shock of Jesus’ [...]

Wednesday Fireside Chat with Bill Evertsberg on April 1

A Little Glimmer of Hope An invitation to the Evertsberg’s home. Bill reveals glimmers of good news, shares uplifting scripture and literature, and teases a Holy Week Bible Quiz. This week Bill focuses us on Paul's letter to the church at Rome with reflections from Anne Lamott’s book “Almost Everything, Notes on Hope”. [...]


During this challenging time, our church continues to serve the emotional and spiritual needs of our congregation, albeit in a different mode than usual. Our ministers teach online and give pastoral care by phone; our Communications team keeps everyone informed via email; our building maintenance team creates a healthy and safe work environment for [...]

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Going with the Flow

Children’s Ministry Spring Break Edition Links to this week’s online gatherings and a parent gathering poll are below. Please save this email for future reference as we are mindful of the volume of emails you are getting. The Parenting and Faith page is being kept up to date. —Grace and Peace, Rev. Christine [...]

Online Faith234 Youth Group

Tuesdays at 4 p.m. Faith234 is back— in online form! Second, third, and fourth graders will gather together, play a game, share what we are creating this week, and pray. Bring your own snack and one thing you have made this week (art, science project, poem, music, anything you made—even a sandwich!) Third [...]