Going with the Flow

Children’s Ministry Spring Break Edition Links to this week’s online gatherings and a parent gathering poll are below. Please save this email for future reference as we are mindful of the volume of emails you are getting. The Parenting and Faith page is being kept up to date. —Grace and Peace, Rev. Christine [...]

Online Faith234 Youth Group

Tuesdays at 4 p.m. Faith234 is back— in online form! Second, third, and fourth graders will gather together, play a game, share what we are creating this week, and pray. Bring your own snack and one thing you have made this week (art, science project, poem, music, anything you made—even a sandwich!) Third [...]

Third Grade Scripture by Heart

As we all find ways to work, learn, and connect online please know that Children’s Ministry and the third-grade teaching team is doing everything we can to support our amazing third graders in learning scripture by heart. A Beatitudes matching game is attached for those who still need to practice. The musically inclined might [...]

Virtual Sunday School and Online Choices

Parenting and Faith is a courageous gesture toward God. It is hope and uncertainty. It is vulnerability and mystery. At Kenilworth Union Church, we believe that Christ calls us together to build communities of justice, kindness, and humility. Our Parenting and Faith communities welcome all that is vulnerable, uncertain, joyful, holy, exhausting, and deeply [...]

Spoiler Alert

Lent and Children By The Reverend Christine V. Hides “Spoiler Alert” is a necessary phrase in the age of the internet where we might come across a review of a movie or tv episode before viewing it. Those who reveal essential plot twists without proper warning are met with outrage on social media. [...]

God’s Love, Joy, and Peace

What a great morning with author Ruth Goring! By The Reverend Christine V. Hides “God is home.” This was the answer to the question I asked in chapel, “What is the most important part of this book for you?” Other children said, “When Jesus leads us,” and “that God is everywhere like [...]

Third Grade Bible Reminders

Dear families of third graders participating in the Bible program: The year is flying by and the kids are doing great! Three important things to note as we move forward: Practice, practice, practice! with the memory sheet. Teachers are working hard to make sure third graders will be finished with the Beatitudes before spring [...]

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