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Faith Circle

The constant pressure to succeed, the presence of so much affluence, and the voices of doubt can drown our sense of strength. Join a small group of women to read and reflect Barbara Brown Taylor’s Holy Envy. Taylor’s newest book examines other faith traditions, admiring (envying) aspects of connecting with the divine, and nourishing a [...]

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Wonder-ing into the New Year

By the Reverend Christine V. Hides Chalking the door is an Epiphany tradition my family enjoys. On our front door we write “C+M+B,” an acronym for “Christus Mansionem Benedicat,” which means “May Christ bless this dwelling.” We say a short prayer asking that God’s comfort and presence be known to those who cross [...]

Women’s Bible Study

Wednesdays from 12:45 to 2:45 p.m. Reservation for the study must be made to Carolyn Armstrong. Trustworthy: A Study of 1 & 2 Kings Join us on Wednesdays beginning January 15 for Women’s Bible Study. This 6-session study of 1 & 2 Kings by Lysa Terkeurst as she reveals the places of distrust in her [...]

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Bible Read Along

We resume our informal classes Wednesday, January 22 at 9:15 a.m. in the Library. All are welcome to join as we continue to read from The Gospel of Luke. Drop in for as many as your schedule permits—no homework or reading assignments. Contact Jo Forrest for additional information.

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Week Twelve

The Artist's Way: Recovering a Sense of Autonomy and Faith
Week 12 Thursday, December 18 Measured outcomes and productivity has dominated our thought processes and life rhythms for so long, that to allow ourselves to dream, day dream, and play in The Artist’s Way challenged us. To become a human being requires letting go of being a human doing.  

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Week Eleven

The Artist's Way: Recovering a Sense of Self-Protection*
Week 10* Thursday, December 12 Early this morning the last full moon of 2019 appeared on auspiciously 12-12 at 12:12 EST. Called a “cold moon” for the season of the year, the number 12 also signifies harmony and completion…the year is nearing completion. We too are nearing completion of The Artist’s Way.

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