Wow, God!

By Christine V. Hides

Future dogs, rainbows, “when the sun sets down in the sky,” music, moms and dads, brothers and sisters…these are just a few of the things children answered when we have asked, “what makes you say, wow!?” We use this question as part of our prayer time, as a way to pay attention to God’s presence in the world.

In this time of Eastertide, we are paying attention to the ways that Jesus is transforming our lives and the world around us. On Wednesday we played a special Easter Catacombs ending with a search for a box representing the empty tomb. Inside the box were paper flowers and butterflies. We asked the youth to write something that needs transformation on one side, and something they have seen transformed on the other. Then we prayed for it all.

For a reversal of climate change, for people who need healing, for friendships that need mending, for peace and an end to hunger, we pray for God’s kingdom to come. For new babies, and puppies, signs of spring all around us, for those who are healing from surgery, for new friends, we pray for the transformation we see happening all around us. Wow, God!

We’ll be saying “wow, God” again during our summer Vacation Bible School, Wonders of God’s Universe. We’ll be paying attention to the amazing things God has created from the smallest creatures to the largest galaxies. Registration is open—sign up here.

What makes you say, “wow?” I’d love to collect more stories to share in the season of Eastertide. Send me your thoughts at Christine V. Hides.

April 29, 2019

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