Week Seven

Connect: The Artist’s Way: Recovering a Sense of Connection

November 14

Dear Friends,

As we enter Week Seven: Recovering a Sense of Connection, rejoice at arriving at surpassing the halfway mark. When we began many of us doubted their capacity to write and to do so every day. Bravo. 

A few housekeeping notes: 

Here is a link to the devotion we read by Richard Rohr. From this page you can click through to subscribe. Rohr’s devotions are excellent. 

The group agreed to move our meeting from Wednesday the 27th to Tuesday the 26th—same time and place. This gives everyone a bit more time for Thanksgiving preparation. Remember morning pages do not take a holiday. If anything you will have more the explore. 

Thanks to Leslie, Michael, and Don who offered to facilitate December 4th’s session when I am traveling. 

Over the last several weeks Julia Cameron has prodded us to consider the god we believe in and the god we would like to believe in.

This week we are to consider how the god we serve is engaged in our life and creativity. 

If you affirm a loving and god who is fully present, are you open, and do you allow such divine power to flow though us?   

Is the god you experience distant, uninvolved in your life, and creation? Do you feel alone? 

Is the god full of judgement? If so how will that impact your creative energy?  

We were encouraged to pray the prayer provided on page 211 each day and/or write our own prayer. If you have not done so, please find some way to pray.    

As Christians let’s expand our vocabulary about God to include the Holy Spirit and Jesus. This may make connecting with God easier to experience all the ways God is present. 

Jesus might be the guy to teach you how blessed you are (the Beatitudes). 

God might be the ever-present creator calling you to do something as Abraham or Hannah. 

Or the Holy Spirit may show us like this bird, surprising you, delighting you. 

My friends I pray God will surprise and delight you with the divine image implanted deep within you. 

Connect: The Artist’s Way

November 14, 2019

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