Week One


Connect: The Artist’s Way

October 3

Yesterday The Artist’s Way circle gathered with anticipation and candor in the Malott Chapel. Perhaps the chapel where our children learn the basics and are free to dance and sing of God’s love is the right place. Just as children are encouraged to imagine and learn we too are to rediscover child-like wonder of our lives.

Members of this Circle span decades, careers, interests, education, and yet each holds a keen desire to be on this spiritual pilgrimage together. For those who not able to attend our first session, rest assured you will be warmly welcomed as will anyone who is absent from time to time.

Our devotion, Spirit Prompts, professes God needs “your vision, to become complete” so we are to write what we see and think. God desires each of us to discover the creative spark and talents we sometimes hide. This was echoed by a member who understands the divine image God implanted in each of us needs to be expressed for God to continue creation. Our “artistry” may take so many forms, some of which may not fit within the conventional norms of art. Engineers create. Accountants create. Even ministers create ????.

Tasks and Timeline

Thursday, Oct. 3 we are all to begin writing Morning Pages. We are to write three pages each morning. Every morning. Pen to paper. Don’t judge. Just write and don’t read them.

By Wednesday, Oct 9, we will also have completed an Artist Date and many of the tasks at the end of Week One. Tackle those tasks that are attractive and try any that really seem difficult. Have fun on your date.

By Wednesday, Oct 9, also read through Week Two if you have time…or you will need to read this in the evening of Oct 9.

The rhythm of our work is to begin a new week on Thursday and complete the writing, Artist’s Dates, and tasks by our meeting on the following Wednesday. If you miss a meeting, just keep up so you can jump back in when.


The Contract presented on page 23 of the Basic Tools is to be completed.  You are welcome to edit this—within reason—and make a commitment to yourself.

The Basic Principles on page 3 and the Creative Affirmations on pages 36–37 were also distributed. Perhaps you may want to write these in longhand into your journal. I will bring copies of these to the next meeting as they are needed throughout the twelve weeks.


Place you hands on top of your, book, journal, and pen.

Dear God, from your love you breathed everything into creation and called it “good.” May we join you in creating.  Bless these tools and our hands to reveal your desire for each of us.  Bless our writing. Give us open hearts and the courage to tell ourselves the truth—your truth and our truth about the future we desire. Encourage us. Comfort us. Be our guide on this way. Amen.  

Connect: The Artist’s Way

October 3, 2019

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