Week Four

Connect: The Artist’s Way: Recovering a sense of Integrity

October 24


Moving through week four has elicited wide ranging responses. Some are growing more confident about completing morning pages while others have hit the wall so often, they feel bruised. “What good?” is a valid complaint at that time.

At this point in the journey, it is as if we are walking out on a suspension bridge without the ability to see the other side. Each step forward causes the bridge to sway a bit, but the footing is secure as we notice what is within ourselves, what we are leaving behind, and what delights us along the way. Being attentive we find that God is holding us securely on this journey.

In one of the groups, we talked of the experience of playing. This is good…not the talk about play but actually playing. We talked about experiencing our fears. And also the decisions we made to do what made us happy and gave us a sense of peace.

Week Five: Recovering a Sense of Possibility will invite us think deeply about how powerful we believe God is.
See you next week.

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October 24, 2019

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