Wedding Edition

Loving Your Neighbor

Last week Kenilworth Union was a pop-up site for a wedding! A couple from Northwestern University was supposed to get married last week at the Cook County Judge’s office with a big party to follow this summer after graduation. However, that particular part of the Cook County office had closed: one of the many COVID-19 closures. The panicked groom told his friends what was going on. A friend of a friend of a friend said, “I know a pastor in Lake Bluff, maybe they can help?” The pastor said, “Yes, of course, let’s meet half way.” The Lake Bluff pastor knew Kenilworth Union by reputation (and a Northport, Michigan connection with Bill Evertsberg) and suggested they meet out in front of our sanctuary. The most socially-distant of wedding parties, with just 8 people (bride, groom and pastor included) met by our little girl statue, witnessed vows of love with a short 5 minute wedding ceremony, and were on their way again.

Katie Lancaster used this blessing in a wedding last spring, and offers it here for the couple who was married in our church yard, and for all of us in our various ways of living united together and apart today.

A blessing for your new way of being together in love:
As you live into this union,
Day by day,
Clothe yourselves with compassion
Kindness, humility
Meekness, and patience.
Bear with one another
Forgiving each other
Blessing one another
Living every risk together.
And above all, clothe yourselves with love
Which binds everything together
In perfect harmony.

May the God of peace
Be with you now and always.

April 1, 2020

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